BalancedChartOur mission is to multiply disciples that Enjoy Christ, Love His Friends and Engage the World.  And Christian community is the context in which this best occurs.  So we encourage everyone at Redeemer to “Get in a Group” and begin living life together. If you are interested in joining a Group contact Chris Eger and he will help you out!

Groups Enjoy Christ

The only way to enjoy Christ together is to abide in him together. In Groups our rhythms will reflect our desire to stay connected to the true vine. However, as we learn God's word our goal is not about adding information. Rather we grow for the purpose of enjoying Christ more, so that we are further able to live in obedience, bearing much fruit to the glory of God and showing ourselves to be disciples of Jesus. We want our Groups committed to lifelong growth as fruit bearing branches who abide in and enjoy Christ to the full!

Groups Love His Friends

To love one another with the love of Jesus we must first remember his love for us.  As our Groups enjoy Christ’s love and friendship, it will naturally begin to show up in the way we relate to one another. Our desire for the people in our Groups is to grow deeper relationally, not just seeing each other as fellow group members, but as friends.  As long as people view each other as group members, our Groups will be an event and lack the life giving community we all desire to be a part of. But as people grow in love for one another, our Groups will be about a community of friends who share life together and sacrifice for each other.

Groups Engage the World

As we enjoy Christ in our lives and live out that enjoyment with his friends in community, the more we are motivated to share Christ with others.  It is natural for us to want others to share in the joy!  It is natural, because it is a reflection of God’s nature and a part of our new nature.  God is a missionary God and we are a missionary people.  God is both sent and sending.  Jesus says, “As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.”  So our desire for our Groups is to see themselves as a collective group of missionaries, who are each intentionally engaging their world with the gospel by showing the love of Jesus and sharing His good news!

Group Questions

What does it mean to be on mission in a group?

Basically it means that the leader has identified a 'people group' that they want to reach with the gospel and you want to join in.

Can I try a Group to explore that mission and group chemistry?

What a great idea! Go for it.

What do I do if I am already in a discipleship group of 3-4?

If your group is “on mission”  please continue meeting and look for others to join your group.  If not, contact Jeff Martin to talk about what it looks like for your group to Engage the World.

What do I do if I want to lead a Group?

Please contact Jeff to start the conversation!