You can often hear us saying that Jesus Christ is the Senior Pastor of the church (see 1 Peter 5:4).  Some people think that that’s a funny thing to say. That’s ok with us. It’s more important for us to acknowledge that the Redeemer is in charge here.  Therefore the task of our Leadership Team is not to lead the church themselves, but to determine how Christ wishes to lead His church through them.

our leadership team

Our Leadership Team is made up of both our Elders and Deacons.  Our Elders are men who are called to uphold the biblical qualifications of an elder and serve as the Church’s shepherds, overseers and teachers.  Our Deacons are men and women who uphold the biblical qualifications of a deacon and are appointed by the elders to carry specialized ministries in order to free up the elders and forward the mission of the church.

contacting us

If you need to contact one of our elders or deacons, please use the Contact Form.

Deacons and Staff

IMG 0349 Small-2

 Jeff Martin - Lead Pastor

(Vision, Theology, Teaching)


Jim Fickley

Jim Fickley - Equipping Pastor

(Counseling & Coaching)


Gretchen Hale

 Gretchen Hicks - Office Administrator




Chris Eger - Worship & Systems Director



Elizabeth Fabian - Children’s Ministry Director

(Nursery – 6th Grade)

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Nathan Meeuwenberg - Student Ministry Director

(7th - 12th Grade)




Jeff Martin - Lead Pastor

Jim Fickley - Equipping Pastor

Jeremy Davidson 

Mark Collins